Game Development Tools

Our main activity is the creation of video game development tools.

You will find here a list of our already developed tools. Some are already available, others are in development and not available yet. Most of them are under an open-source license.
You can use them freely as long as you respect the terms of the license.

Unreal Bulk Renamer

An Unreal tool similar to Advanced Renamer that renames multiple Unreal assets easily, according to naming operations.

A new version is currently under development.

See on GitHub

Unreal for SignalR

A SignalR client for Unreal Engine.

See on GitHub

Open Match C#

An API to interact with Open Match in C#.

We use it in our backend to interact with the Open Match architecture.

See on GitHub See on NuGet

Kubernetes Tools

Some tools to manage deployments with Kubernetes.

  • K8sWaiter is a utility designed to be used in an init container to wait for a Kubernetes task to finish running.
  • PgWaiter is a utility designed to be used in an init container to wait for a PostgresSQL instance to be usable.
  • RabbitMQWaiter is a utility designed to be used in an init container to wait for a RabbitMQ instance to become available.
K8sWaiter PgWaiter RabbitMQWaiter

Log Collector

A tool to collect and analyze game and/or editors logs.

The logs are collected by the client in the editor or the game and sent to the server. They are then stored in a NoSQL database to be analyzed later with tools like Grafana.


Unreal Tool Suite

A suite of tools to interact with the Unreal Engine and managing Unreal projects.

It contains a command line tool to manage a game project (generate solution files, compile, run a commandlet, launch the editor or the game in standalone), a Perforce synchronization program (more advanced than UnrealGameSync) as well as an API to extend the tools or create new ones.



An awesome free & open-source tool for creating space skyboxes with stars and nebulas.

It's a fork of Alex Peterson's Spacescape.

See on GitHub